Advanced Course

Is this the course for me?

Would you like to bring your concertina playing to the next level? Through 30+ tunes, I show you all my tricks:

How I approach a tune
How to get a good rhythm into your playing (bellows bellows bellows!)
My approach to rolls, cuts and grace notes
How to start adding chords, bass lines and rhythmic patterns

I want to help you develop your own style. So in this course, we figure out how you can add personality to your playing. Through a good use of the bellows, chords and ornamentation, we learn how you can start developing your own style of concertina playing that is unique to YOU.

I look forward to welcoming you to the course!

Here is a selection of the lessons in the advanced Course

The Millhouse

Wily Old Bachelor


Tom Billy's

Andy McGann's

Éigse an Spidéil

Repeal of the Union

Developing Your Own Style 2

Lad O'Beirne's

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