Starter Course

Is this the course for me?

Are you starting out on the concertina? Do you have a few tunes already? Would you like to add to your repertoire of Irish tunes while getting in control of all the basics? This course is for you if you want to learn your first 25+ Irish tunes while learning good technique and fingering, scales, and all of my tips for getting started on the right foot. In this course, we start easy, and before you know it, you'll be playing selections of barndances and jigs.

In this course we establish a fingering technique pattern that I use myself. I use a small number of the buttons and aim to get you comfortable using them. We will learn 20+ tunes using only these buttons. This cements this style of fingering before gradually introducing new buttons as the course progresses. By the time you’ll be finished this course, you’ll be at ease playing across the rows and you will be ready to progress onto the Improvers course.

I look forward to welcoming you to the course!

Here is a selection of the lessons in the Starter Course

The Basics

D Scale

Extra Notes

Lucy Farr’s

Na Ceannabháin Bhána

The Little Bag of Spuds

Din Tarrant’s No.2

Joe Bann’s

Gypsy Princess

A Fig for a Kiss

Fainne Geal an Lae

Donegal Mazurka 2

The Primrose Lass

Tá an Coilleach ag fógairt an lae

Connaughtman’s Rambles

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